Sunday, October 11, 2015


OMG!!! I have a lush box!!!

Recently I have been so into lush. I used to not like Lush that much back this time last year, but I have really learnt to appreciated it, because I started buying things that they do well, specialize at and are well known for! I've bought quite a few things from there this past year actually, mostly face masks and skin stuff. I mostly love it for the smells (which I honestly didn't used to like ahah) and the packaging and the imperfect yet perfect products they make... they're all so individualistic. I also love that Lush doesn't test on animals and is vegan and is generally very natural. Lit 10/10

This one I got for my birthday! My wonderful sister, Yoli, bought it for me!!! It's full of beautiful bath bombs :P

So the first bath bomb is this one!!!

Swirly sun! That's what I would call it! Or you could see it as halloweeny like a pumpkin or summin. But the actual name is Brightside and it's a bubble bar (so you run it under your tap). This is actually my first time ever using bath products from lush so I'm kinda excited about it.
"Brighten your bath & mood"

Ok this one has a great name, perfect I think. "Granny Takes A Dip." I mean wow, what a seller! Also loving the colours omg hehe 
And this one is a bath bomb!
"Blissfully Bright Bathing"
^^ allitteration tho,,,

This one is Golden Slumber, another bath bomb! And it says "Liquid Gold"and I usually bathe in million dollar bills so like this is me


THE LAST ONE... drum roll please...
"The Comforter" well it gosh darn looks like one, I'll tell you that for free
Also, "big blackcurrant bubbles" as the description

OKAY that's it! I hope this gave you some inspiration :)

xx Maya

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