Sunday, October 11, 2015


Hiiii... My name is Maya and this is now my new baking & cooking blog!!! I'm so excited to start using it :) I'll be for the most part posting about food that I try or make and recipes (although I may post a bit about makeup if I'm interested in it at the time.. I go in phases haha)  I love cooking so this is mostly just for fun, but I'm hoping that eventually people who read blog will try out recipes that I put on here.

Okay, so you're probably wondering "Why the username!?" Well, it's mostly because I believe I'm a ghost. But I believe I'm a ghost in the most ridiculous way possible, so you're okay... don't exit out the window now...
Recently I've just been kinda obsessed with ghosts anyway. I think they're so cool. I'm the phantom foodie.
I love food honestly, but I have kinda a love/hate relationship with food. After thinking for a while, I do now consider myself a foodie generally though, because I am always obsessing over food in some way. Whether or not that's healthy, uh, well...

 I do know a lot about health though! I may occasionally do some posts about, for example, trans fats or gluten or something. I have always been very interested in health since I was about 12 and have been learning ever since. With so much development in knowledge about food, I am very interested in veganism at the moment and I'm starting to think it may be the healthiest way to live. I am vegetarian at the moment and have been since the end of February/March. I am so glad I transitioned and have had no regrets, really. Not even when I couldn't eat the paella in Spain. I wasn't even that sad about it and that was back in March. Now, I don't think I would even care! I have not noticed a negative health affect being vegetarian either, as I expected.. I really recommend being vegetarian at least, or healthier, probably vegan (but you must research that A LOT beforehand).

I think I'll just list some facts about me :)

1.) I'm 15 (oops I was about to write 14 haha)
2.) My birthday is September 13th, 2000
3.) My favorite colour is probably pink at the moment but it changes generally & also depending on the season
4.) I have a youtube channel :)
5.) I have had so many blogs in the past!!! but hopefully I'll just stick to this one for now hehe :P
6.) I love Fetty Wap
7.) I have 1 dog, 2 cats & 2 kittens
9.) I'm really into Grammar lol
10.) I have an LA dream
11.) I think Obama is a really nice guy
12.) Would vote for Bernie Sanders in the next election, sadly Obama has to go :(
13.) I'm a feminist
14.) Half American, Half British *u are wondering what my accent is hehehe*
15.) I wayyyy prefer galaxy over dairy milk, ew
16.) I love film, poetry, writing, singing, cooking (obvi), those are just a few
17.) I started making videos when I was nine
18.) I started having a blog when I was 12 I think?
19.) I like science (ASAP SCIENCE ON YOUTUBE OMG)
20.) I think I want to go to UCLA
21.) I love cooking... but I love betty crocker mixes more. RIP BETTY CROCKER BC IT'S HARD TO GET IT IN ENGLAND :((((((
22.) I'm not too afraid of heights... infact, I kinda like heights. I like the thrill!
23.) I've never properly read Harry Potter
24.) I am 1/4 African! My granny is from Zambia.
25.) Favoruite food is probably nutella or just chocolate generally. I also really love kiwis, that's probs my favorite food YUUMMMMM

Oooh and a pic of me:

So I hope you're as excited as I am about a brownie recipe or something in the future, hehehe.

xx May

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